How to Develop a Content Pillar Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

How to Develop a Content Pillar Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

1. Understand Who Your Audience Is

For whom are you producing content? When developing (or updating) your content pillar strategy, this needs to be your first thought. Choosing the appropriate content pillars requires an understanding of your target audience.

On the other hand, neglecting this stage can cause you to produce a ton of material that your audience doesn't need.

How, then, do you discover your audience?

Thankfully, there are tested frameworks you may utilise to accomplish this. One of the most common is the use of buyer personas.

After you have determined your target audience, you must determine their problems.

The genuine issues and difficulties that your target audience faces and that motivate them to look for your solutions are known as pain points. Remember that most users aren't too concerned with the solution they ultimately select as long as it alleviates their pain points.

What I mean is? They will view your material first, realise you can address their problems, and be more inclined to choose you over your rivals if you are at the top of their Google SERPs.

2. Build The Founding Pillars for Your Content

The next step is to select your content pillars.

Pillar subjects will probably be clear to you if you are familiar with your audience and are aware of their problems. The size of your business and the scope of your offerings significantly impact the ideal number of pillar issues.

Most small-to-medium-sized organisations should select three to five content pillars (and never more than 10).

Your content pillar strategy will concentrate on the subjects that interest your audience the most in this way (and, eventually, the subtopics that fall underneath them). You'll still have a large, varied library of content, but it will be reliable.

3. Do Your Keyword Research


Following the creation of your content pillars, you should conduct keyword research to ascertain the precise search terms your audience uses to find your pillar themes.

To get Google's love, it's crucial to match your pillar content's focus keywords with the actual search terms users are typing into Google search bars.

For better keyword research, we recommend using SEMrush or MOZ because these two provide the best keywords and allow you to compare the quality of your content with the other websites.

4. Make The Best Titles for Your Content

When your material appears on someone's SERP page, the titles of your blog posts are the first thing they will notice. In other words, it influences whether people choose to browse through your material or click elsewhere.

So how can you come up with intriguing titles? Here is a little advice:

● Use percentages or rhetorical questions (for instance, "8 Steps to Creating the Perfect Blog Post" is more interesting than "Creating the Perfect Blog Post").

● Tell your readers what they'll get from reading your post in the title to demonstrate its value.

● Use sarcasm; don't be afraid to draw attention to yourself (‘Personas are Great (Except When They Suck)’ received many views due to its attention-grabbing snark).

● Include your main keywords consistently. After all, that is what initially attracted users to the site.

● Be succinct. Only your title's first 50–60 characters are displayed in Google SERPs.

● Once you've created the titles, add them to your content calendar so you can publish them on time.

5. Quality Content Is Your Key to Success

Now the enjoyable part — creating your content. Although blog entries are the type of content most organisations typically envision as pillar content, films and infographics can also be produced and ranked as pillar content.

Be original! Consider what will be most beneficial for your audience and choose that route. Please don't be hesitant to change it up.


Content creation is an art that requires skills and time. The right pillar strategy can significantly improve the quality of your content. So, take your time and follow every step in this article to produce the best quality content in the market.

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